Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Spirit

Take a moment to stop among all the chaos of the holidays, and think about your Christmas Spirit. Where, or how do you find your Christmas Spirit?

After researching the topic, one newspaper reporter found that the "Christmas Spirit" is in one's heart. Does it hit when we unpack our decorations and start playing Christmas music? Does it happen when we decorate our tree. Is it more about presents?

I can honestly say for the past years, I've had no Christmas Spirit. I've actually felt more of a Scrooge. I could not even listen to Christmas music. My mom passed away six years ago and since then, Thanksgiving and Christmas haven't been the same.  On the outside I may had a smile, but on the inside I felt angry, hurt and  sad. Going shopping was the worst because my mother and I would do this together. It was a our ritual, although at times I would complain about her sly comments, I miss her; I miss her companionship and her voice.  When I see women with their mother's I get  sentimental, and I miss sharing those moments. 

 "Where or how do we find our Christmas Spirit?"  This year, I found my Christmas Spirit in my memories. Those memories I have of my mother. The memories of getting together for breakfast and planning our shopping days.  The memories of taking her to buy special dough for tamale making. Memories of her absurd, or silly conversations.  This year I put up a Christmas tree, and lights, I did my Christmas shopping alone, and was okay with it.  When I saw other women with their mothers, I smiled and  I remembered my mother, who I realize I carry in my memories and heart. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Got Writing?

It's Tuesday, and I have not been consistent in posting my "slice of life". This is what is on my mind lately. Our district had a writing cohort of teachers, who would meet once a month and participate in book studies, write and collaborate. We no longer have this, what we have now is a staff development cadre.  Our focus is to create writing staff development for the district.  I miss the cohort! I miss sitting together with a group of  teachers who share the same writing philosophy and share the same concerns. There was something energetic about our meeting, I remember leaving the meeting feeling good about my teaching  and conversations that had taken place. And, I really enjoyed the personal writing we did together. It's been several years since the writing cohort was changed to a staff development cadre.  I miss, the reflection time, the collaboration, the friendships that developed with the teachers involved, and the inspiration..  Mostly, I miss the learning that took place.  I also miss learning from one of my good friends & mentor...Tina.
-Tina, "Thank You," for your training and words of wisdom..

Thank you "Slice of Life" for the opportunity to Write!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Slice of Life

Slice Of Life

So here it goes...

I've been stalking this website for a while and have been wanting to join the Slice of Life story challenge, but have lacked the courage. However, Slice of life stories and the, "Two Writing Teachers," website have inspired me.  This is my first Slice. 

Who am I, you ask?
I am a woman.
A wife, and a mother, 
a pet lover.
I'm Latina.
A sister to four brothers and,
A sister to four sisters.
I am an educator.
A book lover,
A runner,
A baker.
I'm a student,
A collector of words,
...a want to be writer!