Thursday, March 3, 2016

Slice of Life Day 3: Getting to know our Students

I am an academic support specialist for an elementary school. I work with all grade levels, and sometimes I forget to develop relationships with my students. I think this happens to me because I am busy, in and out of classrooms. It is not until January that I work with a steady group of students. Is this a bad thing? I hope not. I do make it a point every year to slow down a bit and foster relationships with those students I see consistently.  Today, for example a student I've been working with asked a question that I could not answer very honestly. So, I decided to spend some extra time with her to address the question. It seemed, she was being bullied, and she knew it.  Was it her cry for help? I don't know. But I took the time to speak to her and discuss the issue in depth. I know she felt better just by voicing her concerns. And, I was glad I took time to listen. The counselor will be involved in this matter.

We all have busy days and schedules to keep. Let's take a moment and listen to our students, even if it means staying after-school, or meeting during conference time. I know I will be doing this more.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Slice Challenge day 2

Quiet Time

It's late. As I sit down to write, I can hear the outside noises. A noisy car driving off, my cats bell and the clock ticking. I like and enjoy moments like this. But, I do miss the chaotic schedule we had. The time before our only daughter went off to college. I remember listening to advice from other mothers, they'd say...enjoy her now because children grow up too quickly.

It's ironic, I once longed for quiet time and now that I have it -I miss the busy mornings, and school games and track events. Life is like this. For now, I'll keep enjoying  my quietness.

It's late and, I can hear wind chimes out side, my cat's bell jingling as she moves around the house and the clock ticking.